Monday, 17 September 2007

Ying and Yang?

Do you believe in Ying and Yang?
If something bad happens, something good must too, to balance it out?

Well, last Thursday I finally got the news I’ve been waiting for. And although it wasn’t quite the life changing career news I was half hoping for – in retrospect, it was quite good.

Basically, to quickly fill you in, my new novel has a movie theme, and the story features parodies of many movie scenes, I needed to find out if what I’d written would cause any copyright issues. So I asked the agent of a writer whose movies feature quite heavily in my novel what he thought.
He finally got back to me on Thursday, after an agonising six week wait.

The Good news is he can’t see any problems with copyright in the way in which I’ve interpreted and used his client’s films in my novel – which is a relief – and they’re quite happy for me to go ahead with it.
But the bad news is – there was no other news. Not that I was really expecting any, after all he was only looking at it to check for copyright etc. But you never know with these things… it may have got passed on to someone, who knew someone etc etc…

But hey it didn’t, so we now carry on down the usual literary agent path with submission after submission, waiting to see if one of them like it. Or maybe this time it might just be the first one who shouts, “Yes, you’re brilliant, I want to help you get your fabulous novel published!” (Or words to that effect.)

One of my great beliefs and sayings is ‘Everything happens for a reason.’
And this will have happened for a reason, just you wait and see…

Strangely, after I had that ‘bad news’ email. I also had two ‘good news’ ones the same day – one of which was from another agent (oh what a showbiz life I lead!) of a celebrity whose name features both in the title of the novel, and in the story itself, saying that his client had no problem with me using his name in the book. Excellent news!

So now I actually feel quite positive about everything again, and very much in control of my own destiny once more.

Till the next time,

A x

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