Friday, 13 March 2009

The Greatest day of their lives?

It’s a quick Take That themed blog today.
(Hey, maybe if I make my blogs shorter I’ll do more than the usual one a month! )

First, huge congratulations to the team of celebrity climbers that scaled Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief recently.
It was Gary Barlow (my first Take That link) that came up with the idea for a team of celebs to climb Africa’s highest mountain, to raise not only money, but awareness of the appalling, yet easily preventable disease, Malaria. And how a simple (and very cheap at £5 each) mosquito net can prevent thousands of people dying every year from this air born killer. Apart from Gary; Denise Van Outen, Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh, Fern Cotton, Ben Shepherd, Ronan Keating & Chris Moyles all fought their own battles against altitude sickness, injuries, and physical and mental exhaustion to battle their way to the summit to raise a massive amount of money for Comic Relief. Huge congratulations to them all.

My second Take That link is to their latest single Up all night. Well the video that goes with the single. It features a street party celebrating the Queen’s Silver jubilee of 1977 and I recently watched an interview with the band where they’re on the set of the video talking about their own memories of that year, and the street parties that took place up and down the country. Afterwards I found myself thinking how unusual to see a pop band these days whose members were even born in 1977, let alone can actually remember the Queen’s silver jubilee celebrations of that year as I can ... just! You’re lucky if most bands can remember the Queen’s Golden jubilee!

See the video here:

And my third and final link is to another of Take That’s singles. You may remember in my last blog I was feeling a little bit down. Well I’d forgotten about this song until it came on my IPod the other day, and how much better it always makes me feel when I hear it. It’s such a fab song when you’re feeling blue, it really cheers you up. Well it works for me – it’s Shine.
I hope you have a similar song that works for you, if not feel free to borrow mine ;-)

Until the next time,
A x

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