Tuesday, 25 September 2007

It all happens for a reason...

How odd – in my last Blog I made the statement ‘This will have happened for a reason.’ regarding some ‘bad’ news I had received.

Well I've just discovered the agency I was dealing with when I was getting the permissions for my new novel, is an agency with much trouble within its ranks just now.
So, was my rejection – that wasn’t really a rejection – good news instead of bad?

Being the positive person I am – I like to think so!

I have now read through, and I hope ‘polished’ the new novel once more. And have sent it off to a very nice agent who was very helpful last time I submitted a novel to her.
As I’ve said in a previous Blog you don’t often get much individual feedback and encouragement from agents, and when you do you cherish it, and remember that person’s name.
I’ll keep you posted…

As you can see if you’ve come here from my website, my current novel only has a working title just now. It does actually have a real title – but (quite unusually for me) I’m feeling a bit superstitious about it, and don’t want to reveal it’s full title until I have some good news about the book.

Talking of superstitions, we have three horseshoes hanging in our house now. They’re painted ones my children and myself bought on our canal boat holiday this year. So we should have a whole house full of luck just now – shame the lottery numbers haven’t noticed yet ;-)

Ah well maybe soon…

Until the next time,

A x

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