Thursday, 10 January 2008

Celibacy in the New Year anyone?

Happy New Year!

For most of us this time of year means the usual resolutions – Lose weight, get fitter, give up smoking.
I don’t smoke, but even fitness instructors – who find themselves spending more and more time sitting on their behind writing – enter the New Year needing to accomplish the other two.
But how about giving up your mobile phone for 3 months?
To me this would be as easy as giving up cabbage, but to American comedienne Amy Borkowsky it’s a real hardship. You can follow Amy’s progress on her blog Cellibacy should you feel at all sympathetic to her ‘plight.’

Other than New Year’s resolutions, further trauma to be found in January is on the 24th. (No, this is not my Birthday – that’s the 14th in case anyone’s interested!) The 24th is officially the most depressing day of the year according to the so called experts. Don’t they have anything better to do than to discover this?
What if you give birth on that day, or pass an exam, or even realise you’ve already shed over half a stone since Christmas, and you can fit into your skinny jeans again? All these would be a cause for great celebration (especially in my house, as I’ve never had the sort of legs that would fit into Jeans like that in the first place!) But no, apparently we’d be unable to experience the joy in these things, as we’d all be too immersed in our sea of depression to surface long enough to smile.

Rubbish! Enjoy January if you can, it’s a new start to a New Year, and who knows this could be your best year ever – I’m hoping it will be mine.

Until the next time, keep smiling.

A x