Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Hello & Welcome!

Well I’ve had this Blog since February and this is the first time I’ve actually had the chance to write something in it.
“Why?” I hear you cry, “Do you have an exciting, crammed social life, full of wild parties, handsome men, and fluorescent, umbrella-filled cocktails?”

Answer: No.

But I do have a husband (fairly handsome some would say), two children, a part-time job as a personal trainer, and a strange – but very compelling – desire to become a published author.
So in all honesty, if the word ‘Wild’ is ever used in conjunction with me, it’s usually to describe state of my hair upon wakening in the morning.

“So why should I read on?” I hear you cry. (Full of questions aren’t you!)

Good question.

One I have no answer to currently – but if you might like to read about the trials of trying to become a published author, in between me babbling about lots of other probably quite irrelevant stuff in my life -
You’re either:
A. One of my friends waiting to see if I mention them in this Blog
B. One of my clients (again for the above reason)
C. Just really really bored!
Whatever your reason (and I’ll probably just be babbling to myself most of the time!)
Stick around and I’ll try and write something vaguely entertaining for you to read!

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