Thursday, 6 September 2007

I write – therefore I am.

No, I don’t actually take it that seriously. But my writing has become very important to me.
The story of how I started writing I will tell you in a later Blog when news is thin on the ground, but it’s certainly different...

I’ve now completed three novels. I write what I call ‘Romantic comedy’, some people might call it ‘Chick Lit’ but I don’t. Not because I have anything against Chick Lit – far from it, most of the novels I read are classed as this and I thoroughly enjoy them. But I just don’t think my novels have enough mention of shoes, make up, and designer labels in them to be fully crowned with the Chick Lit tiara (as sparkly and shiny as it may be.)
If you would like to know more about the novels I’ve written go here

And if you want to know about me as a personal trainer go here

And if you want to join me on MySpace go here

Gosh, seems like I’m everywhere in cyberspace now, I guess Facebook is next - whatever that one is, or Bebo?

I’ve just caught up on MySpace, but I’m told that’s old hat now. (Story of my life!) My friend count on MySpace is very poor compared to some, but I don’t want friends called Cindy whose ‘space’ is covered with topless pictures of herself. Oh excuse me, they’re not topless photos, Cindy is ‘tastefully’ covered with lace and leather clothing that probably belonged her Barbie doll at some stage. And under the heading – Who would you like to meet on MySpace? I think Cindy should say her feet, because with the size of her boobs, I bet she doesn’t see them very often.
I also don’t want to be friends with Rock bands from Detroit, and guys whose ‘Space’ is covered with red sports cars, Page 3 models, and whose ‘Top friends’ all look a lot like Cindy.

But MySpace is fun if you just take it as that. I’m particularly proud of my ‘me as a Simpson’ picture. Try it here for yourself: it’s great fun if you like the Simpsons, and who doesn’t?!

See, I’ve gone off on a tangent about MySpace now and I was supposed to be talking about my writing. Well if you’re interested in that, you’ll have checked out my website by now, so enough said on that subject for today.

Until the next time,

A x

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