Monday, 14 February 2011


I've had so many wonderful emails, Tweets and Facebook messages since my book was published I can't tell you. I printed them all out the other day for my husband to read and he was quite overwhelmed at not only the amount of messages, but the lovely things people were saying in those messages. From simply how much they've enjoyed the book, to how its mirrored things in their own life; how they see themselves in Scarlett, or amazingly how they don't usually read books but how they're going to try and keep reading now as a result of reading From Notting Hill with Love...Actually because they enjoyed it so much.

But the other day I had an email from a reader that really struck a chord because it was so wonderfully romantic and fitted in so well with the whole theme of the book. So with very kind permission that reader has agreed I share it with you here as a follow up from my last blog to prove that romance really is still alive and kicking....
Dear Ali
I have never written a letter to an author before but I have just finished you book and feel compelled to write to you.
I hope you don't mind!

Just wanted to say I love love Loved your book, it is now my favourite book of all time and it has all my favourite films wrapped up in my favourite thing to do reading.
Notting Hill is my favourite film of all time.
My now husband left me a note one morning after I had stayed over at his when he went to work saying how much he missed me and that I was to push play on the DVD player, when I did Elvis Costellos 'She' blasted out of the speakers, he had left me another note and put it in my mug in the cupboard telling me to look under the pillow on the sofa. I found a wrapped present and it was the sound track to the film with a lovely love letter inside the case, it was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to me and I sobbed and sobbed. He is always doing such lovely things for me and planning such romantic surprises that it is like being in a film.
I walked down the aisle to 'She' at our wedding and it was just perfect, we now have to wonderful miracle ivf babies and life is fab.
Your book made me laugh and made me cry and has probably the best ending to a book or film ever and I really would love to see it as a film.

My husband bought me your book as an early valentines gift and I read it in 2 days, could have done it in one but I had to play with the kids.
I cannot wait to read your next one

(a sucker for love and slush)
This song has special meaning for me too as it was playing at the exact same moment I heard From Notting Hill With Love...Actually was going to be published!
Thank you to eveyone that's sent me messages, I'm so very grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to do so.
Happy Valentines Day. I hope you get all the romance you dream of today and everyday... 
A x


Dizzy C said...

That is so lovely.

My partner does not show his romantic side very often. I have to really look for the little gestures but that is ok with me. I know he loves me dearly and tells me that.

I get my romance from books like yours and so loved your book as you know.

Us girls who do not have a Mr Darcy or Hugh Grant type of fella, we are depending on you to keep our romance going.


Ali McNamara said...

Mine's a bit like that too, Carol.
I joke that's why I write romantic fiction because I have to get some romance in my life somewhere...
I'll do my best to keep providing it for you too ;-)

Shaista said...

Hello Ali! I have just had an email from Glenn,the radio producer at BBC Cambs, and read that I'm going to be on the radio in the same week as you... not, sadly, (for me) the same day...
I have just downloaded your newly published book on my kindle and am really looking forward to reading it. Congratulations!!
I am a fellow blogger and was wondering if you'd consider putting a 'followers' gadget link to your blog so I can follow via blogger? Unless you'd rather not!
Will write and let you know how much I love your book - because obviously, I will :)

Ali McNamara said...

Lovely to hear from you.
Yes, another afternoon at Radio Cambridge - what fun :-)
I've added the link for you, & I'll definitely be following your blog too.
Thanks for getting in touch!
Maybe we'll be on the show together sometime in the future! Ali x

Shaista said...

Am totally loving your book!! You do realise that three years for one Ali Mcnamara book is not going to be sufficient right?!!
Chop chop.
Have added a link at the top of my blog page to your blog to get others reading.
Hey, if they turn your book into a movie, Hugh Grant could have a cameo! :)

Ali McNamara said...

Thanks for the link!
Yes, I'm sure we could allow Hugh a small role ;-)
You don't need to wait 3 years this time, the next one - 'Breakfast at Darcy's' is out in November ;-)

Mathilda said...

Oh, I just discovered the book on Sunday afternoon and finished it after work on Monday nigh! It was so awesome! I absolutely loved it. I laughed so hard so many times and had some sad moments too.

Scarlett is similar to me in some ways - like I am crazy about movies too and quote lines and think which movie did I hear or see something happening in real life in.

Can't wait for the next book!