Thursday, 16 October 2008

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks...

You may remember a few blogs ago when my thoughts were mostly time related – well in a similar fashion here are some thoughts I’ve had recently regarding age. And more importantly how we change as we do!

My daughter came home from a friend’s house the other day with tales of her friend’s dog and how it was very wary of strangers. So much so that the dog actually growls and barks at outsiders when they go near him in the house. Not a great advert for the canine world you might think – that is until you realise that the dog was born in laboratory, and until it was rescued by it’s now family, knew only cruelty from humans while it was used in animal experiments. It is now an elderly dog, and all this took place when it was a puppy – and yet it still remembers. A chilling thought.

I personally can’t bear to think about what that dog must have been put through in those laboratories. I only hope it was a worthwhile type of testing, for drugs to cure a life threatening disease – not just some unnecessary testing of a new shade of lipstick, or a scented anti-dandruff shampoo.
Yes, of course I use both of the above things myself, but there are many products out there that do not use animals in the testing of their products – but human volunteers instead, and this is where the age part of it comes in.
When I was younger I wouldn’t use any product that had been tested on animals. I was also vegetarian, wouldn’t wear leather, campaigned against fox hunting – you name it I did it.
But as I’ve grown older my feelings for animal rights have still remained as strong – but my actions have wavered. Yes most of my beauty products still come from the Body shop – but there are a number of others in there now, that I have no idea of their manufacturers testing polices. I eat meat – but always buy free range eggs. Wear leather – but would never wear fur. You see I still have the same convictions, but I’ve softened as I’ve aged.
My daughter is taking up where I left off (much younger than I began I might add) – she’s now the veggie in the house, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I’m being asked the ethical policies of the shampoo she’s washing her hair in, and the make up she wanting to put on her face...

Some more ‘age’ instances I’ve noticed recently :
Our attitude to Christmas -
Why are my children already busy planning what to put on their Christmas lists? When I refuse to even discuss the festive season until at least mid November? (And I know that’s still early for some people – usually those without large families to organise gifts and food for!)
I used to love Christmas – but now it just seems to equal several months of spending money you don’t have, on things people don’t want. Buying food you don’t need, and never have any hope of eating before January. And practising those fake smiles for getting you through the present opening session on Christmas morning – when you’re given yet another gift you don’t really want, and can’t understand why anyone would think you do!

The internet/Computers -
I spent several phone calls yesterday afternoon trying to coach my seventy year old parents through ordering their groceries over the internet – something I find so simple myself. And actually they’d done quite well until the very end, when you have to make simple choices about whether you want your shopping delivered with carrier bags or without (without obviously – better for the environment!) and whether you want your shopper to substitute items or not.
This caused great debate and consternation, as did the process of inputting their credit card details over the internet – but we got there in the end. And I’m pleased to report their shopping arrived safely today.
And on the plus side – unlike the two instances above – I was the young one for a change ;-)

Until the next time

A x

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