Friday, 5 September 2008

That's just 'Nasty'!

Time is a funny thing - and I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week.

We either spend our time trying to speed it up, or slow it down – whatever happened to just letting it tick away happily at it’s own pace?
Most of the time we complain we don’t have enough of it; either that or it goes far too quickly, or not fast enough!

For example how many of us mothers dreaded the six-week summer holidays when they were approaching, wondering just what we were going to do with our little darlings to fill their days? But how many of us this week when they’ve now gone back to school, our wondering just how did that six weeks manage to fly past so quickly – and what on earth did we do with all that time… I certainly am.

Why does something you enjoy pass so quickly? Yet something you hate go on forever? There’s still 60 seconds in a minute; 60 minutes in an hour; 24hours in a day?
Why are we always trying to speed up our journey times, but slow down the ageing process? Break world speed records, yet slow down global warming?
Faster – slower, faster – slower, it’s a wonder the whole world doesn’t grind to a halt – maybe it will one day…

From my own point of view waiting for news is one of the worst examples of time going slowly. Yes, I’m waiting again for possible good news on the novel front... and it feels like I've been waiting forever!
Can’t say anymore just now – but don’t worry you’ll be one of the many ‘first’ to know whenever that good news finally arrives – because it will one day… mark my words. I’ve never been beaten yet and don’t intend to start now.

Ok, I’ve just realised that this is quite a gloomy blog for me – so I’m going to try and cheer it up a bit, by continuing something that my daughter and I have been doing through the Summer holidays on here - I’ll call it the Nasty Files ('Nasty' BTW has to be said in the way that Donkey says it in the film Shrek. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go watch the movie it’s great!)
The first entry to the Nasty Files is something we spotted in our TV guide this week:

This lovely side table isn’t just limited to the almighty Manchester United. Oh no you can get it in other football teams too! A bargain at £145 +p&p
& then there's this little beauty :

Who, if you're too young to remember is Nora Batty from Last of the Summer Wine - yours to own on your sideboard forever for only £59 + p&p!
I hope to bring you more items to add to the Nasty files soon...
*Disclaimer: Obviously the Nasty file is just my own personal opinion, and I’m sure there are many people out there that would love items like these to take pride of place in their living rooms ;-) *

Till the next time,

From me & Donkey
x x


Mandie said...

I'm just as guilty as anyone for saying "I can't wait for this to happen" & counting down the days.....Look where we are now, September 2008, where did the time go. When I was my elder sons age, 11, the Summer Holidays dragged (& we only had 4 weeks off back then!), now it doesn't feel as though I had a week off never mind six.
I went shopping last night & guess what I saw in there? Halloween costumes, treats & the other end of the store Christmas cakes & puddings?????
Have you started thinking about them yet?
I have..:-o

Can't wait for the next blog Ali...D'oh!

Mandie said...

Forgot to say, Good Luck on the you-know-what front...or should I be saying break a leg, break your non-writing arm...I don't know! lol


Ali said...

I try not to think about Christmas yet lol. I hate having it rammed down my throat this early - I think it's ridiculous in September!
Hmm.. now you've given me an idea for a future blog lol. Watch this space...

Mandie said...

I'm glad I'm good or useful for something. lol

Mandie said...

If you do a blog on something like that it'll be really many different opinions & issues.