Friday, 13 June 2008

Lucky George!

Well it’s Friday the 13th – unlucky for some?
That is if you believe in all that superstitious stuff…
Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits feet, and so on are all supposed to bring you luck, but why, and who on earth decided that they were lucky? Or for that fact that Friday the 13th was unlucky?

Well speaking from my own point of view (and that’s what writing a blog is all about) my luck definitely changed recently when I bought a monkey. Yes you read that right a monkey! Not a real one I hasten to add, but a toy one.
I had no intention when I went into a Cambridge gift shop with my two children a few weeks ago of buying a stuffed toy animal, but there was just something about George (more as to why he’s called that in a moment) that said buy me – and so I did.

I mentioned in my last blog that I would explain a bit more about the lack of blog posts recently. Well without going into too much boring detail, over the past few years I’ve had some health problems – in which I’ve managed to baffle much of the medical profession. But just recently after being referred yet again to another neurologist - I was diagnosed as having a condition that’s like a cross between Epilepsy without the fits, and Migraine without the headaches! Trust me to be awkward!
Well the Neurologist suggested I try a new Epileptic medication and surprisingly –because nothing else ever has – it seems be helping right now. The great thing about having lots of hospital tests over the last few years is having them tell me how fit and healthy I am! Which is great, but wasn’t actually getting to the root of my problem!
But finally something seems to be helping me – and I’m starting for the first time in a long while to feel just like the old me again.

But as I’ve said on here before, everything happens for a reason, and before I started to feel ill I was working almost full time in fitness and hardly had anytime for writing. Now as result of my problems, I’ve slowly cut down on much of the personal training, and concentrated more and more on my writing. As a result of this extra time my writing has definitely improved.

Anyhow, back to George. George named after the George Sampson who recently won ‘Britain’s got Talent’ because I saw George perform on the show for the first time the day I bought my George, and dancing George with his arms and legs flaying about to ‘Singing in the Rain’ looked just like my monkey George, with his own rather gangly limbs.
George Samson of course went on to win the show – nothing to do with his namesake of course…

But what has happened in my own life since George the monkey came into it?
The main things of course is the vast and sudden improvement in my health – after having four years of specialists and tests and ‘not knowing.’
The second lucky thing was having yet another agent take an interest in my novel – when I hadn’t heard from anyone in ages.
The third; I got the free VIP tickets to see Boyzone (see last entry)
Fourth; the next night I caught one of the Boyz hats in a stadium of 20,000 people four hats where thrown, and I caught one of them.
Then this week, in addition to already having great seats to see Boyzone again (yes I’ve got the bug now!) which a friend had got for me for one of their Birmingham shows. I managed on the morning of the second Birmingham show to get a front row centre seat for that evening! I guess some people would think that seeing Boyzone in concert four times in a fortnight bad luck – but not me ;-)
So many other things have happened too – that we keep saying ‘That’ll be George’ in our house when anything out of the ordinary happens now.
If only George could pick our lottery numbers...
Superstitious – no, not us ;-)

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